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Betamax Callback Dialer

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1.6 ou superior
10.000 - 50.000

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Works similar to Google Voice. Works by intercepting dialer function and doing a request for callback through selected Betamax provider (i.e. NoNoh.net for example). Phone numbers in phonebook need to have "+" prefix and have full country / area code in front of the actual number.

App Features:

• Automatic & manual phone call interception options.
• Sim card phone number detection
• Ability to save app preferences complete with manual editing capabilities.
• VoIP Provider selection from the app’s in-depth White Betamax VoIP providers list
• Call log correction capabilities allow users to change “incoming” call records to “outgoing”.
• Automatic International phone call detection feature.
• Support of customer providers not included earlier. To activate add customer provider you need to know only site URL and currency of this provider.
• Custom widget with current balance is now available.
• Application now checks your credit after every call.
• Now you can easily register new account directly from the application.
• Additional credit purchase is now available directly from the application.

Supported VoIP Providers:

1. www.12voip.com
2. www.actionvoip.com
3. www.calleasy.com
4. www.cheapvoip.com
5. www.dialnow.com
6. www.freecall.com
7. www.internetcalls.com
8. www.intervoip.com
9. www.jumblo.com
10. www.justvoip.com
11. www.lowratevoip.com
12. www.netappel.fr
13. www.nonoh.net
14. www.poivy.com
15. www.powervoip.com
16. www.rynga.com
17. www.sipdiscount.com
18. www.smartvoip.com
19. www.smsdiscount.com
20. www.smslisto.com
21. www.sparvoip.de
22. www.voipbusterpro.com
23. www.voipcheap.co.uk
24. www.voipcheap.com
25. www.voipdiscount.com
26. www.voipgain.com
27. www.voipstunt.com
28. www.voipwise.com
29. www.voipzoom.com
30. www.webcalldirect.com
31. www.callingcredit.com
32. www.telbo.com
33. www.voipblast.com

Betamax Callback Dialer is developed by INTERSOG LLC.


Betamax Callback Dialer
Betamax Callback Dialer
Betamax Callback Dialer
Betamax Callback Dialer
Betamax Callback Dialer
Betamax Callback Dialer
Betamax Callback Dialer
Betamax Callback Dialer


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