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2.3 ou superior
100.000 - 500.000

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This app is a Camera to shoot beautiful night view.

A lack of light at night causes a lot of noise absolutely.

Such as shooting at dusk, it seems enough bright to shoot but the photo is surprisingly noisy!

Long exposure makes noise disappears. But you need to fix a camera on a tripod to take a steady photo.

"Night Shooting" will solve this problem.

Noise will be cleaned by synthetic composites, automatic stabilization feature.And we can take a beautiful night photo with holding a camera by hand.

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Various functions
• Self-timer, Anti-shake shutter
(At the continuous shooting, the camera shake prevention function is activated every frame)
• Easy to select shoot size (S, M, L, HD)
• Image editing function (Sharp, brightness, saturation, contrast, color-balance)
• Transfer to other applications, send e-mail

4 modes of shooting

★ Normal Mode
The normal shooting mode. Sharpness, vibrance, brightness can be corrected.

★Composite Mode
Make the shake correction + Composite synthetic.

In the dark landscape almost any extent appropriate amount of visible light, allowing handheld shooting.
Even after adjustment much brighter, cleaner images with less noise is amazing.
Night or to demonstrate a strong power to shoot in a dark room.
Of course, you can enjoy and feel the power of shooting in bright environments.
Sharpness, vibrance, brightness can be corrected.
Composite synthesis can choose from among four.

· None: No synthetic
· Deblur: Composite synthetic, with Image Stabilizer (synthesis of several photos)
· Super: Composite synthetic, with Image Stabilizer (synthesis of all photos).

※ Super, it takes long time (tens of seconds).

You can save the captured data and synthesize it later.

※ too much shaking and may be failed synthesis.

Hand-held photography is possible enough, but please hold the camera steady.

★Bulb Mode
If you can not get enough light to synthesize a photo with composite mode, we recomend that you will photograph in bulb mode with fixed camera on tripod.

You can set shutter time in seconds 1-60 seconds, in minute 1-60 minutes, in hour 1-60 hours, or unlimited time.

Please note the following points.

• Automatic lock is activated, and the shooting will be suspended.
• Long time shooting will use much battery .

In bulb mode, you can take a clear photo in the dark room with only moonlight.

Sharpness, vibrance, brightness can be corrected.

★ Continuous Mode
Taking 10(or sevral) pictures at specified intervals

Shooting interval can be set between 0-10 seconds. (It does not guarantee the time specified)

Trial limitation
This application is a free trial, and the following limitations.
• Advertising banners will be displayed.
• There is a limit to store size.

If you could buy the full version with in-app purchases, these restrictions are removed.
※ As a general rule, refund is not possible to respond, please note.




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