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Top apps Android - Livros e Referência

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Ron Tremper
2.0 EUR 0,73
0 ×
0 Avaliações
2 Avaliações
***** TORTOISE CARE A complete guide for the beginner to intermediate level reptile keepers that offers step-by-step instructions for setting up your tortoise and keeping him healthy. 

Lil Wayne Quotes Lil Wayne Quotes
Blue Fire
1.6 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
43 Avaliações
Check out some of Lil Wayne's quotes. Without a doubt, Lil Wayne is one of the best rappers alive. With skills unheard of and clever rhymes, Wayne has earned his place among the (...)
I Want To Be Big I Want To Be Big
1.0 grátis 1 ×
0 Avaliações
15.469 Avaliações
Enjoy the MOST IMMERSIVE animated story featuring Talking Friends favourites Tom, Angela and Ginger. One delightful day, little Ginger asks himself the question kids of all ages do (...)
Study Bible Study Bible
AcroDesign Technologies
5.2.3 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
844 Avaliações
Your personalized Bible for reading and study. The AcroBible, Study Bible is a native, offline application designed for a fast interactive experience that makes it easy to search and (...)
Словарь ЦС Словарь ЦС
Alexander Semeniuk
2.0.8 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
398 Avaliações
Приложение предназначено для поиска значений неизвестных слов церковно-славянского языка. База словаря загружается из Интернета, после чего со словарем можно (...)
FBReader TTS+ Plugin FBReader TTS+ Plugin
Hyperionics Technology LLC
3.4.7 grátis 4 ×
0 Avaliações
2.606 Avaliações
TTS+ Plugin is an enhanced Text-To-Speech plugin for FBReader for Android, the popular free eBook reader created by geometerplus. The plugin module created by Hyperionics and (...)
えすえすっ!(アイドルマスター) えすえすっ!(アイドルマスター)
5.0 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
169 Avaliações
「えすえすっ!完全版」をリリースしました。 この度「えすえすっ!完全版」のリリースに伴い、本アプリの更新を終了することになりました。 よろしければ「えすえすっ!完全版」への移行をお願いいたします。 (...)
BTO Ringers Info BTO Ringers Info
British Trust for Ornithology
1.15 grátis 1 ×
0 Avaliações
31 Avaliações
BTO Ringers Info: an app to help bird ringers, nest recorders and scientists check the correct ring sizes/codes to use for each bird species ringed in the UK (for both adults and pulli). (...)
中国語新語ビジネス用語辞典 Ver.3.0 (大修館書店) 中国語新語ビジネス用語辞典 Ver.3.0 (大修館書店)
3.8.0 EUR 15,12
0 ×
0 Avaliações
0 Avaliações
中国語新語ビジネス用語辞典Ver.3.0 ビジネスに 学習に 今すぐ知りたい最新用語満載! ■特徴 ・中国のメディアやビジネス現場で使用されている新語・ビジネス用語を、幅広いジャンルから収録。 (...)
Η Αγία Γραφή Η Αγία Γραφή
The Daily Company
1.9 EUR 1,79
0 ×
0 Avaliações
27 Avaliações
Η εφαρμογή Η Αγία Γραφή περιέχει την πλήρη Αγία Γραφή σε Αρχαίο πολυτονικό* κείμενο με μετάφραση στην νέο ελληνική ταυτόχρονα, και τις ακόλουθες ενότητες. *Προσοχή: Προς (...)
English Croatian Dictionary Fr English Croatian Dictionary Fr
SE Develop
1.0 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
279 Avaliações
This is English Croatian and Croatian English Dictionary (Hrvatsko engleski i englesko hrvatski rječnik), containing 179000 translation articles. The Dictionary is OFFLINE and does not (...)
Great Escapes: Valentine's Day Great Escapes: Valentine's Day
1.0.7 EUR 2,21
1 ×
0 Avaliações
0 Avaliações
GREAT ESCAPES, by best-seller Linda Wisdom and Lynda K. Scott, is a new personalized erotica series centered on the guests of a quiet B&B in rural Virginia. The heartbroken and (...)
잡기의 달인 차대리3-경마경륜의 기술 잡기의 달인 차대리3-경마경륜의 기술
1.0.1 EUR 1,56
0 ×
0 Avaliações
0 Avaliações
■ <잡기의 달인 차대리> 시리즈 잡기의 달인 차대리 시리즈 화투, 카드 놀이, 경마, 카지노 하면 먼저 떠오르는 생각. 잡기. 부정적인 이미지이지만 왠지 한 번쯤은 즐길 줄 알아야 인생의 묘미를 알 것 같다. 무엇이든지 선입견은 금물. (...)
아가페 찬송가(새찬송가+한영찬송가+통일찬송가) 아가페 찬송가(새찬송가+한영찬송가+통일찬송가)
1.3 EUR 4,89
0 ×
0 Avaliações
20 Avaliações
★★★ 성경/찬송 전문출판사인 아가페출판사에서 개발한 찬송가(새찬송가+한영찬송가+통일찬송가) 어플입니다. ▶▶ 찬송가 어플 출시기념 30% 할인이벤트 !!! 정가 9,900원 → 6,900원 할인판매중 ▷ 찬송가 어플로는 유일하게 (...)
明鏡国語辞典MX第二版 (大修館書店)(国語辞書) 明鏡国語辞典MX第二版 (大修館書店)(国語辞書)
3.8.0 EUR 8,64
0 ×
0 Avaliações
0 Avaliações
携帯端末での使いやすさを重視した国語辞典の改訂新版。 大修館書店『明鏡国語辞典第二版』をベースに、記述を再構成した国語辞典です。 ■内容特色 ・収録語数約64,000。 (...)
English Myanmar Dictionary English Myanmar Dictionary
3.0.1 grátis 1 ×
0 Avaliações
2.454 Avaliações
English Myanmar Dictionary Offline Free (English Burmese Dictionary Offline Free): With nearly 33000 English - Myanmar words and over 36000 Myanmar - English, this is the most (...)
English->Polish  Dictionary English->Polish Dictionary
1.0.10 EUR 3,19
0 ×
0 Avaliações
3 Avaliações
★★★This dictionary app is available with Dictionary v3.1.050 and QTranslator ver 3.1.011 or later. If you cannot find the app you purchased, update Dictionary or QTranslator.★★★ 1. (...)
4.21 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
9 Avaliações
Présentation et détermination de 303 espèces et sous-espèces d'escargots de France métropolitaine, soit 72% de cette faune, sur la base de matériel déposé au Muséum national (...)
Fastdic - Persian Dictionary Fastdic - Persian Dictionary
Matin Zadehkoochak
2.3 grátis 3 ×
0 Avaliações
1.364 Avaliações
Fast Dictionary Fast and easy Persian (Farsi) to English and English to Persian (Farsi) dictionary. - More than 100,000 words - More than 4,000 sentences - British & American English (...)
Coleção de códigos Coleção de códigos
Publishing House
2.0.1 EUR 2,21
0 ×
0 Avaliações
5 Avaliações
MCM Bible MCM Bible
MCM Web Solutions
1.2 grátis 1 ×
0 Avaliações
4 Avaliações
MCM Bible presents the full text of the Bible (KJV). Features: Offline access Select by book and chapter Zoom in on text using long click/touch Ad-free No extra permissions (...)
Русско-испанский разговорник+ Русско-испанский разговорник+
AA Developer
1.0 EUR 2,05
0 ×
0 Avaliações
0 Avaliações
Русско-испанский разговорник предназначен для тех, кто не очень хорошо владеет испанским языком, он упростит общение и взаимопонимание. Справочник работает в (...)
Video Guide for Pou Video Guide for Pou
Game Guide Team
2.0 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
24 Avaliações
Are you stuck in Pou? Get all the tips and tricks you need to pass it over with this amazing app. New tips will be added regulary, so stay tuned! FAIR USE NOTICE Due to the nature of (...)
Monster Hunter 3U Guide Monster Hunter 3U Guide
Samuel Ho
1.0 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
31 Avaliações
A guide to Monster Hunter 3U from knowing the quest lists to rate rate of the monster, have this little helpful guide in your pocket while on the go/hunt. Special Thanks and (...)
Mass Lectionary and Preaching Mass Lectionary and Preaching
1.3 EUR 2,23
0 ×
0 Avaliações
2 Avaliações
Mass Lectionary and Preaching is a great application what brings you the daily lectionaries from the liturgical calendar. The user interface is very simple, intuitive and easy to use. As a (...)
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