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Top apps Android - Comunicação

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SMS Reply App (Pro) SMS Reply App (Pro)
1.0.0 EUR 0,73
0 ×
0 Avaliações
3 Avaliações
SMS Reply App is a text message auto response app. You can now run a SMS marketing campaign from your own Android phone! All you have do is get customers to text the (...)
Actu du Foot en direct live Actu du Foot en direct live
5.3.8 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
37 Avaliações
Commentez les matchs en direct sur LiveFoot et parlez de l'actualité des joueurs et des matchs à venir ! Invitez vos amis fans de foot et vous pourrez directement voir leur réflexion en (...)
rScript rScript
Unexpected Development
1.1.1 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
9 Avaliações
rScript is the fastest most reliable way to get REAL-TIME SYNCHRONIZED scripts from your news-room's iNEWS system onto any Android device. Because rScript maintains a (...)
GeoDialer Free GeoDialer Free
1.2.0 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
7 Avaliações
Dial international and other phone numbers effortlessly using calling cards or other dialing services. This app is great not only for using international calling cards, but also for using (...)
Wi-Fi Phone Explorer Trial Wi-Fi Phone Explorer Trial
Manas Gajare
1.5 grátis 2 ×
0 Avaliações
75 Avaliações
Frustrado por causa de conectar o telefone ao computador pelo cabo USB cada agora e então? Ou tirar o cartão SD de telefone e de inserir no computador? Não mais. Basta iniciar o (...)
Cloak SMS Cloak SMS
Hamish Medlin
3.6 EUR 0,63
0 ×
0 Avaliações
3 Avaliações
Encrypt your SMS or txt messages with Cloak SMS. Using AES encryption, your messages will be impossible to decrypt without knowing the password. Making interception of (...)
Répondeur Répondeur
repondeur sued
1.1 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
12 Avaliações
Accéder directement au répondeur de votre interlocuteur sans faire sonner son téléphone. -Finir une relation sans dispute. -Éviter les discutions ennuyeuses. -Annuler un rendez-vous. (...)
Dapper Speeddial Widget Dapper Speeddial Widget
dbdb designs
1.0.1 EUR 0,68
0 ×
0 Avaliações
2 Avaliações
Dapper Speeddial Widget gives you quick and easy calling and sms messaging of your most used contacts. Tired of searching your phone to find the person you want to talk to? Once (...)
Talk When U Walk Talk When U Walk
1.4 grátis 1 ×
0 Avaliações
15 Avaliações
"Talk When U Walk" is a one step solution for YOU if you keep too busy and are almost always dialing numbers on the move and end up running into something being unaware of what (...)
Flash Browser Flash Browser
What The Apps
0.89 grátis 5 ×
0 Avaliações
27 Avaliações
** This is a Public Beta! If you are looking for a finished product with tabs that makes your toast for you, this is not it. If you would like to contribute to making this app better, please (...)
Caller Location INDIA Caller Location INDIA
4 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
1.569 Avaliações
Shows the caller's base location of all calls coming from INDIA. Latest Database of numbers: Updated July 2012 This app is a superior version of caller ID. This application shows an (...)
Go SMS New York IPhone style Go SMS New York IPhone style
Julie Mobile Dev
1.0a EUR 0,89
2 ×
0 Avaliações
1 Avaliação
Go SMS theme New York IPhone style For less than the price of a coffee, offer you New York in your pocket !! Enjoy the bubble style IPhone ! theme completely rework.
SecureCell SecureCell
Go My Cell, LLC
4.1.113 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
15 Avaliações
YOUR mobile phone text messages are NOT secure! Note: security subscription service is $6.99/mo * Encrypted texting - All Carriers, Android, Blackberry, J2me and iPhone (...)
Москва 495 Москва 495
Dialing Technologies
1.0 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
3 Avaliações
С 1 июля 2012 года без набора восьмерки и одного из трех кодов — 495, 498 или 499 — нельзя позвонить ни на один московский телефон. Соответственно все номера в (...)
What The Fact What The Fact
1.44 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
35 Avaliações
Want to know more about the word? Want to impress your family and friends? Awesome facts for free on android. All the craziest and funniest facts out there in the best app of this kind (...)
AnonymousDialer AnonymousDialer
Turnturtle Co. Ltd.
1.2 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
16 Avaliações
This is simple app for free! With AnonymousDialer, you can make an anonymous call whenever you like. AnonymousDialer keeps your cell-phone number private from the person or (...)
Text Ting! Text Ting!
Digital Timelines Ltd
1.9 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
9 Avaliações
Text Ting! is an exciting and fun Phone APP that makes sending and receiving texts great fun. It's simple to use and delivers fun straight away. This free to download version is (...)
Visual Voicemail Plus Visual Voicemail Plus
PhoneFusion grátis 2 ×
0 Avaliações
2.074 Avaliações
Manage your Voicemails and FAXES in a whole new way via your device, email, phone or computer. PhoneFusion's original Visual Voicemail (VVM) application was the FIRST for (...)
SMS Reminder Pro SMS Reminder Pro
1.4.3 EUR 0,73
0 ×
0 Avaliações
14 Avaliações
Often you miss text messages only to find them minutes after, or sometimes longer, because your phone was too quiet or you were in a different room than your phone. SMSReminder (...)
Facebook Fast Facebook Fast
Allegiance Gaming
1.4 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
131 Avaliações
This is just another Facebook app but is a lot faster than others in the app store so why not try it out. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded this app there are more coming for all (...)
Генератор комплиментов Генератор комплиментов
1.1d grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
10 Avaliações
Генератор комплиментов - это Ваша волшебная палочка в отношениях с любимым Вами человеком. Вы сможете приятно удивить своего возлюбленного или возлюбленную (...)
DisturbMeNot Lite DisturbMeNot Lite
1.1.1 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
7 Avaliações
disturbMeNot Lite is an auto-responder for phone calls. It sets your phone on silent and sends the caller a text message of your choice letting them know you are currently unavailable. (...)
DisturbMeNot DisturbMeNot
1.0 EUR 0,87
0 ×
0 Avaliações
3 Avaliações
NEW PRICE. disturbMeNot is a fully-featured auto-responder, capable of responding automatically to phone calls, text messages or both. You can choose to either use one of the (...)
Screener Screener
Matthew Rice
1.0 EUR 1,47
0 ×
0 Avaliações
1 Avaliação
Screener gives you unique control over all your contacts and groups. Each contact or group can now have their own ringtone, volume, and schedule. Set up emergency preferences so (...)
Viriatum Viriatum
João Magalhães Lda.
0.1.8 grátis 0 ×
0 Avaliações
0 Avaliações
This is the mobile version of viriatum, a simple yet very powerful web server. The core of the web server is completely developed in native code providing a powerful engine for fast (...)
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