A Chromecast that never worked: it does not reset and TV doesn't recognize it

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26/07/2018, 07:03:38 via Web

Hello everyone,

I have a Chromecast bought in Nov/2013 that never worked. I was never able to used it. Ever.
I've found it today, while cleaning some wardrobes, and tried to make it work again.

My issue is:
- No TV at all recognise it. Ever. It always shows "no signal".
- It is impossible to reboot it since the only light that is showed is a solid white LED, no matter how long I hold the reset button.

I've already tried the Google Troubleshooting ("1. Power off your TV" method, "2. Use the HDMI extender provided with the Chromecast in a new HDMI port on the TV" method and "3. Test the Chromecast on another TV" method). And also I've tried to open and check if there's something wrong inside it, but I've found nothing.

Product: Chromecast (1st generation)
My TV (one of them): Samsung 51" Model PN51H4500AG

I'm trying on some forums before throwing it on the trash, and Google doesn't help at all.
If someone would help me, that would be highly appreciated! :)


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