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02/11/2018, 09:57:20 via Web

We work with the Cambridge Language assessment board .We whatsapp: +971523347757 work with database technicians who are responsible for Test report verification and registration of all IELTS results and with our help, you have guaranteed entry of your information into the respective database (IDP/BC) with valid test results to proof without any problem. The IELTS/Toefl Certificates we issue are legit and verifiable and valid for two years. Our IELTS/Toefl Certificates serve migration processing and also in obtaining Permanent Residence.

  • We only produce Real and IDP/BC verified IELTS Certificates

  • We do not produce fake IELTS certificates as they serve no purpose

  • We keep client information discreet and we do not share with any third party
    With these Certificates you have a shot at a migration process.

Please note that all real IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, PTE, NEBOSH Certificates should be Original and registered in the database.

General support: advancedielts@yahoo.com

whatsapp: +971523347757

1- we provide Official certificate with registration into the database and actual center stamps for customers interested in obtaining the certificate without taking the test.

2- If you already took the test and it less than amonth that you took the test, we can update the results obtained in your previous test to provide you with a new certificate with the updated results for you to follow you procedures without any risk.

3- we can provide Question papers for future test before the actual test date. the questionnaires will be issued about 6 to 10 days before the test data and will be 100% same questions that will appear in the test. guaranteed at 100%.

4- We are teachers and examination officials working together as team so you can choice any of our proffessional to go in for the exams on your behafl.

5- You can register for your exams and go in for but we shall provide your target scores as you request because we have underground partners working at any center test which give us access into the system.


We are fast, reliable and flexible

We are popular and trusted

We are highly experienced in documentation

We have excellent pass into database.

Do you need Real and IDP/BC verified IELTS Certificates?
Do you like to Get academic or general IELTS Certificate Test?
Are You trying to get Band 7 or 8 in IELTS certification in Asia, Europe, America, Africa etc ?
Do you need to edit and increase your past certificate ?
Do you need a teacher to write the exams for you ?
Do you need questions/test/exams paper both questions and answers ?
Do you need our help in the exam to provide your target score even if you fail ?
We can help you!!!

Some may not have the time or patience to do this and some may be afraid of complications not to have the right agent from the right source. There are many agents and their competence (and honesty!) ranges from excellent all the way down to non-existent.

One may decide to use an agent to help and advice on how to get his/her certificate. But, if you do decide to use an agent, be careful especially on the internet. WE ALWAYS ADVISE OUR CLIENTS TO BE CAREFUL .

The best way to ensure that you are in direct deal with competent, professional and honest officials, feel free to leave us a message,Get back to us (whatsapp: +971523347757)

Our representatives are waiting to reply to your inquiries 24/7, and set you on your way toward obtaining your IELTS, TOEFL, ESOL AND GRE, GMAT, NEBOSH , certificates that may dramatically change your life for the better!.

Through us it is straight forward; with a little time and effort to spent.

ielts proxy agent/pte proxy agents.
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