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Afinador de violao -GuitarTuna

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2.3 ou superior
1.000.000 - 5.000.000

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#1 O aplicativo para afinar guitarras gratuito mais popular do mundo! GuitarTuna é o aplicativo afinador de violaos gratuito mais simples, rápido e preciso que existe. (afinador de violaos e guitarras)

Tuner = afinador
Guitar Tuner = afinador de violao (e guitarra)

Why is it the ultimate guitar tuner (afinador de violaos e guitarra) ever built?

• Built by guitarists for guitarists (yeah, we made the ultimate guitar tuner tool we ourselves love!)
• Simple and easy to use - no fuss, clean interface'
• Now with option to buy different alternative tuning sets
- Metronomo
(including for example drop d, open, custom tuning, ukulele tuning and others)
• Simple and easy to use guitar tuner for electric or acoustic guitars
• Actually listens - works with the built-in microphone
• Ridiculously accurate - built with award-winning world class audio signal processing

• Auto mode (lets you tune quickly, hands-free string by string)
• Supports left-handed tuning (switch to inverted strings)
• Works in noisy conditions
- Includes Metronomo
• Works with acoustic and electric real guitar and ukulele
• Works for a 6-string real guitar
• All packed in one free ultimate guitar tuner tool! For real! For Tabs
- Learn guitar with fun chord diagrams
- Novos jogos de acordes de guitarra: aprender a tocar guitarra com os jogos de diagramas de acordes

What the users say:

"Great guitar tuner by far the best on the whole market thanks for the help and love the individual tab to let u tune each string individual......thanks also for the Metronom"
Robert Simpson

"I'm absolutely satisfied with this ultimate guitar tuner :)"

"Love it. Best guitartuner ever. I have trouble tuning a guitar but this app makes it easy."

"Guitar Tuna is the best guitartuner (afinador de violaos e guitarras)"

"This is the only real guitar tuner app out there. brings out the guitar hero in me, and chords, notes, solos, riffs, tabs etc will sound just awesome. I am still a rock prodigy on my way to becoming a guitar pro. Learn guitar with tutorials on YouTube, I found this app"

"I use this for my Fender Stratocaster, as well as my Gibson acoustic to play guitar. I also play other Ovelin games and Rocksmith. I like this better than the gStrings app"

"For guitar learning, with guitar lessons, guitar tutorials, guitar teacher, or simply to jam. Guitartuna and his app friends from Ovelin really rock!"

“I am a guitar app nut, and have em all: Tabtoolkit, Fretsurfer guitar trainer, 7 chords, four chords (or 4 chords), pocketguitar, ishred, guitarist’s reference, esp guitar experience, guitar tools, ultimate guitar tabs, steel guitar, guitar jam tracks, Gibson learn & master guitar application, Metronom, MetronomoGuitartoolkit, Songsterr, lick of the day, 911 tabs, e-chords, guitar world,… still, GuitarTuna is favorite!” - Sven

Guitar Tuna - Afinador de violao gratuito - aplicativo para afinar guitarra, violao, ukulele, bass (baixo), mandolin, cavaquinho instrumento mais simples, rápido e preciso - The ultimate guitar tuner app to play tab, riff, chords, acorde, songs, canção


*** Got Ideas to make GuitarTuna even better?

We're serious about improving Guitar Tuna - only the best stuff for musicians by musicians:

Let us know what you think - send a mail to feedback@ovelin.com and we'll get back to you. Together we will build the ultimate guitar tuner tool to play guitar on those tabs. Learn guitar with us!


*** Developed by Ovelin (www.ovelin.com) ***

Developer of the first Online Guitar learning game that works with a real guitar (www.guitarbots.com)
- Start playing for free: www.guitarbots.com
- Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ksz7qFK_2rg
- facebook.com/guitarbots
- Lyrics and viritys

Developer of Award-winning guitar learning game WildChords (#1 music app in 34 countries):
- www.wildchords.com
- facebook.com/wildchords


Afinador de violao -GuitarTuna
Afinador de violao -GuitarTuna
Afinador de violao -GuitarTuna
Afinador de violao -GuitarTuna
Afinador de violao -GuitarTuna
Afinador de violao -GuitarTuna
Afinador de violao -GuitarTuna
Afinador de violao -GuitarTuna



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