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4.0 ou superior
1.000 - 5.000
USD 3,47

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meteosphere – global weather forecast animations

meteosphere is no ordinary weather app – it is far more! meteosphere offers global comprehensive weather forecasts as high resolution animation films in an innovative format!

Weather – worldwide and within easy reach

All forecast films are projected onto a dynamic globe. This allows users to zoom in on countries or continents, rotate the Earth in all directions and simultaneously monitor the global weather conditions for the next 48 hours.

meteosphere makes two forecast films available in the standard version, which are updated every 12 hours; additional animations are offered in the premium version. meteosphere uses the latest forecast technology to calculate the films, which is supported by enormous computing power. Thus over 14 billion model points are calculated per film for the “Weather forecast films” providing an as natural as possible overview of the weather conditions on planet Earth, for example. The streamlines, size and speed of 172 million streamlines are calculated for the global streamline film. Besides the weather films, detailed forecasts for individual cities can be obtained.

For optimal orientation, the user’s current location, individual cities, country borders and earth’s gridlines can be faded in, among other aspects. Using the auto-rotate function, the samrtphone or tablet can also comfortably set a chosen location to monitor the rotating planet and global weather conditions in one’s leisure.

Experience the weather in a whole new way – globally!

Forecast animations in the standard version:
Weather: shows an as realistic as possible overview of the global weather conditions including cloud, lightning and current day/night-time conditions.

Cloud/Precipitation: forecast of the path and intensity of cloud and rainfall areas.

Streamlines/Wind: track the path of individual storms, hurricanes and typhoons in the forecast for the next 48 hours with over 250,000 streamlines per time window.


Global weather forecast films up to 48 hours in advance.
Detailed weather forecasts for individual cities and your current location.
Additional display of the user’s current location, individual cities, country borders and the earth’s gridlines.
Sharing of meteosphere screenshots on Facebook and Twitter
The auto-rotate function sets the planet at a steady spin.
Switch between films and image sequences to minimise data transfer.

Additional animations in the premium version:
Temperature/Wind: review the global temperature differences and developments, local wind systems and changes to these over the course of the day.

Snow/Precipitation: will it rain or be sunny tomorrow? This animation will answer just these questions for you all across the globe. View the development of snow cover in an entirely new kind of weather forecast.

Jetstream: Wind in around 10'000m altitude is not only relevant for flight paths and flight turbulences. The jetstream with wind speeds of up to 500 km/h shows weather active areas in which mainly low-pressure areas emerge. Large arrows indicate higher wind speeds.




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